Digital Photography Review.  The best site on the web for digital camera news, reviews and information.  Run by webmaster Phil Askey.
Rob Galbraith.  A professional photo-journalist covers primarily professional digital cameras.
Fred Miranda Photography.  Fred the Photoshop Action master.  Fred has provided many useful and powerful actions for Photoshop and is very informative on all around digital photography.
Canon U.S.A.  Home to the makers of the best photography gear around.
Canon PowerShot. Are you digital yet?  Canon's lineup of digital cameras from the EOS-1D to the A10.
Canonians.  A web site exclusively targeting Canon users who are looking for the latest in-site on Canon information and news.  Run by webmaster Danny " Wheelie " Goossens.
Pro4uM.  For those of you who are professional photographers then this is the site for you.  Webmaster and editor Kirk Voclain holds chat forums with some of the industries best photographers and digital editors.
SCEA. Sony Computer Entertainment America, my place of real employment.  I've been at Sony for the last 8 years developing games for the Playstation 1 and the Playstation 2.  My current position is Director of Technology and Lead Programmer, which means I'm a very busy guy.


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